What is 3D rendering?

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3D rendering is the process of taking some information and converting it into images after computer processing, through a 3D modeling program.

In this way, a room can be visualized on the computer before starting to arrange it, choosing the finishes, the furniture and the rest of the accessories. Rendering allows obtaining several images from different angles. The modification of the elements is done only on the computer, without unnecessary expenses on construction materials.

Through rendering, the buildings can be visualized in detail even before construction begins, both externally and internally. The project comes to life before the start of construction with the help of a rendering. Your layout preferences can be seen in the final version through the rendering.

For real estate developers, rendering is a good way to attract customers because you can present them the final version of the project and they are impressed and choose your products.


What can be rendered?

Rendering is performed for:

  • Single room
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Buildings
  • Residential complexes
  • Commercial space
  • The production hall
  • Objects: furniture, machines, utensils, various other objects


Who is interested in rendering?

You may be interested in rendering:

  • builders
  • architects
  • interior designers
  • realtors
  • customers who build their own house
  • customers who arrange their own home

For a successful project, the client must communicate all the details to the specialist who performs the rendering.


Rendering is useful for sales and marketing

The rendering done before the construction of the building starts helps the marketing and sales of the builders and architects. Real estate agencies present 3D renderings in a professional manner and attract clients. Along with a description of the future construction, the customer has the opportunity to see what he is buying.

For those who carry out interior finishes, the rendering is a strong point because you can see the final appearance of the room, after the finishing works.

The promotion of products and constructions in the case of marketing companies is done through rendering. The rendering is cheaper than other marketing companies and the impact is greater.

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